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When I listen to specific songs I remember that I’m still screwed.

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Yes, I realised that I actually have a tumblr crush.

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She’s cute, she’s so stylish and she follows me but probably barely pay attention to my blog.

She’s from Chile. I’m not saying her name bc I don’t want her to press the unfollow button.

She’s the kind of girl when look at her I think “she’s too much for me”.


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a sexy car driven by a super girl


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I could fancy all my lady friends and have all the sex in the world…

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Why don’t my followers love me?

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Why are Chileans so bloody ugly?!

Everytime I take the bus or train I feel like I’m contemplating pokemons.

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If I show you my thingy

I’ll become famous?

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Why is life so hard?

He was so sexy and racist……his hardcore wank killed him.

That’s the saddest way to die if you’re surrounded by sexy lasses.

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Ese calorcito que sientes cuando no recuerdas si presionate el boton “anonimo”.

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Fuck light leaks. Don’t put them in your pictures.

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y si borro el blog…

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People, stahp being weird.


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