I'm Ricky.
This is my fashion blog with a tiny bit of everything, enjoy it.

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lost 7 followers.

Bye bye mutha fuckas.

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Posted: December 12rd
I think you like that picture guys…

I’ve been on tumblr for almost 4 years.

Please call 911

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tons of people unfollowing me…really?

what am I doing wrong? -.-

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Llegue a mi post limit con mi blog porno…

eso merece una pilsen.


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Tengo ganas de ir al cementerio a sacar fotos de nuevo…es tan agradable ese lugar.

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Posted: November 11st

People unfollow me because I post some good stuff.

Fuck logic.

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The XX show was amazing…. I can’t believe it :)

I’m still excited for it and my head still singing Angels.

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Posted: October 10th
Not vertical but I wanted to upload it.
So excited for tomorrow :)

Estaba esperando el momento para dejar de seguirte.

Wna loca xd

Que te vaya la raja en tu vida, que tu pololo algun dia te pesque.

No, broma. Que te vaya no mas.

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Gonna shoot some wedding dresses in a few hours.

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Don’t delete the credits of my pictures.

I would really appreciate it.

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Random sidebar picture running

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Posted: September 9th
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