I'm Ricky.
This is my fashion blog with a tiny bit of everything, enjoy it.

English and Spanish.


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flicaille asked: hey! could you possibly put out a good word to your followers for this poll im in for best blog 2013? (it's my first one i'm really excited!) ps the link to the poll is on my sidebar on my blog!

You know what to do, followers.

Go vote flicaille » here 

A beautiful blog that you must follow and go vote for her!

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wanna-hocka-loogie asked: ur a virjin

my ears

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shockingamazingworld asked: Hello Dear! Could you please visit my landscapes blog? You would make me very happy! Thank you very much dear! :)

visited and followed. ;)

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labradorite-soul asked: woooonderful blog!

thank you! :) xoxo

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wenaturelove asked: Hi,! :)~ My name is Emilia, I a would appreciate if you spare couple of minutes checking out my blog. Hope you like it :)~ I follow you !!

Hi Emilia, it’s a lovely blog.

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teen-dr3am asked: 4, 10, 18 :)

4. Last time I cried and why

I don’t know if it was the last time I cried but probably listening to music a few months ago.

10. Biggest turn on(s)

Daring girls and being kissed…damn I fucking love kisses

18. Phobia


Thanks for asking!

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purplecstasy asked: 1, 13 y 16 :)

1. The meaning behind my URL

My favourite songs Valium Skies ( The Verve ) and Nice Dream ( Radiohead ) also I’m always sleepy so Valium and Dream make even more sense lol

13. Life goal(s)

some of them Photographing fashion shows: reached.  Falling in love ( again ): not reached

16. Favorite movie

The perks of being a wallflower

Thank you for asking c: xoxo

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l-ead asked: I love your blog! If you have time could you check out mine please?

I’m glad you like it. And your blogs is beutiful!

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2-cheeky-for-you-deactivated201 asked: check out my blogg ?? :)

I think I’m gonna have fun. Followed.

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diekaleidoskop asked: Feliz cumpleaños Don Valium. Felicidad para ti.

Haha gracias gracias :)

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svmmertime-deactivated20131019 asked: feliz cumpleaños ñ.ñ

gracias :P

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atasteofsin asked: Val from girl interrupted? right? I think that's her name

Yes. I was just forcing that anon to come back but he/she got lost in the matrix.

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amalakamala asked: shit


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rvdium asked: ☯☄

☯ - Got any Piercings?: Nope :( My face needs surgery not piercings lol

☄ - I wish…: Na na na na na he takes your hand (8) xD ( cant think of anything )

Thanks for asking c:

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insulinne-deactivated20131222 asked: how are u? c:

I’m sitting.

Ask me something!

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